Ek kosis apne Sapno ke liye…..

Sapne WO hoti hain, Jo ikchha deti hain,    kuchh karne ki ikchha aage badhne ki ikchha, kuchh karne ki ikchha ek chahat hai, chahaten kamjor ho sakti hain, par chahton me majbooti tab aati hai jab ham sapne dekhte hain, 

 Sapne Hume disha deti hain,nishchay deti hai, sapne hona bahut zaroori hai, agar sapne na ho to zindgi kuchh bhi nhi, aankho mai sapne aur kuchh karne ki ikchha zaroor hone chahiye,

Mera manna hai ki sapne Hume  takat deti hai manzil take pahuchne me, zindgi ke maksad paane me sath deti hai,                           to sapne zaroor dekhiye aur ek kosis zaroor kariye  apne sapno ke liye,…


15 thoughts on “Ek kosis apne Sapno ke liye…..

    1. I really can’t see whta8#&217;s uneven about the log cabin. It looks pretty excellent to me. And thank you for the mention and the marvellous pictures; I’m sure that little leafkeeper will love the India paper. I’m hoping you can use/recycle the paper, yarn and black card

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  1. This is a great bit of background inrmooatifn Paul, thanks for clarifying the English production of Bellarmine bottles here. You are very lucky to have acquired these wonderful artefacts. Did you buy your bottles in the UK, or are they easier to come by in Germany?

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