Think positive live positive…

Insaan man se jitatta hai aur man se hi harta hai, yani jivan ki disha hamari soch hi tay karti hai isliye soch sakaratmak honi chahiye,

Aap ki soch aapki dristikon possetive  hai to aapke zindgi me sabkuchh possetive hoga,  aap ki soch aapki niji zindgi, family ,work par bhi asar karti hai, insaan chhota hai ya bda us ka kam chhota hai ya bda usaki soch use rasta dikhati hai,

Possetive thinking aap ki mansikta ko badal sakti hai, samved me bhi kha gya hai ki Maine man ko jeet liya ,to Maine hriday ko jeet liya,                                                                                  manojyti hridyamjayti!! 

So think possetive, live possetive..


24 thoughts on “Think positive live positive…

  1. Awesome blog and simple word but with deep thought. Thanks for sharing and follow my blog. Can you do one favor on me as you probably follow my old blog which actually not updated since long and it has been migrated to if possible please visit where you may found WordPress follow button in footer. So that I can be on touch always with you and your blog too. Thanks once again for your valuable time.

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  2. Thank you for the follow Khushboo! I can’t read Hindi but I know that your name ‘Khushboo’ means perfume in English.
    With such a beautiful name,I reckon your write ups are laced with the fragrance of beauty πŸ’•


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