परस्थिति समझ न आये तो …

पानी को कसकर पकड़ोगे तो वो हाथ से छुट जायेगा,
उसे बहेने दो वो अपना रास्ता खुद बना लेगा,
कभी कभी जब परिस्थितिया समज में ना आये तो,
जो कुछ जीवन में घटित हो रहा है उसे शांत भाव व
तटस्थ होकर बस देखना चाहिए,
समय आने पर जीवन अपना मार्ग खुद बना लेगा !!


33 thoughts on “परस्थिति समझ न आये तो …

  1. True!! But when I think again at times running behind and leaving things both seems to make a person helpless.. in a search of answer making a person often feel alone in a crowd. All watching at you and smiling at your destiny but no ones wants to help. Making you realise yes you have fight your problems alone where I think even god won’t help .. 👍👍👍

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  2. We always have to see how positive life gives us. By the way, the photo on your cover is great. You have an unusual beauty and your smile says that you enjoy what you do and life.


  3. Are there any armnegerants made for overnight parking with fully self contained RVs? We would like to attend but would like to stay overnight within easy walking distance (due to heath issues) in our motorhome. Due to it being a larger vehicle parking can be an issue.

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